Emeriti Association

Universities across the country have long recognized and accepted their Emeriti as an integral part of their campus communities, supporting Emeriti Associations and benefiting from the prestige and good will created by them.

Emeriti are a significant scholarly resource for the University with their collective wisdom and knowledge.  Emeriti have contributed significantly to the reputation and status of Montclair State University.  Many continue to do so through their professional achievements, publications, and community service.

Emeriti serve as Montclair State University ambassadors in the community, state, and nation, as well as in professional and academic organizations and activities.

The Montclair State University Emeriti Association provides an identifiable organization of individuals who have been awarded Emeriti status by the Board of Trustees.

The Emeriti Association provides a structure for professional social interaction among the University’s Emeriti and with scholarly, educational, professional, and community organizations and agencies.

The Association facilitates the use of the skills and knowledge of Emeriti in the service of the University, academe, and the community.