Toward a Sustainable New Jersey

Toward a Sustainable New Jersey

PSEG Foundation awards $1 million grant to Montclair State's PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies.

The PSEG Foundation has awarded a $1 million grant to Montclair State University’s PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies to support future research activities and collaborative educational programs that are directed at fostering a sustainable and resilient New Jersey.

The three-year award will support the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies in pursuing leading-edge research that cuts across academic disciplines to address current sustainability issues. It will also fund an array of environmental education and outreach programs for the larger community.

“The mutual benefits to be generated from a robust Institute for Sustainability Studies will complement the strategic focus of both Montclair State and PSEG,” says Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole. “With this award, the Institute will be able to become an even greater agent for positive environmental change in New Jersey and beyond.” 

“This award will help move the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies into a key position to better advocate on behalf of sustainability practices,” says College of Science and Mathematics Dean Robert Prezant.

According to Prezant, “The Institute will work with our government, industry, community and academic partners to create a more resilient and environmentally healthy New Jersey in the midst of a rapidly changing global environment.”

Established in 2009, the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies has been dedicated to achieving a better understanding of how New Jersey can work to balance a clean environment with economic growth and social justice.

Collaborative partnerships with Montclair State University’s Passaic River Institute, its Center for Environmental Management and Analysis and its doctoral program in Environmental Management support the Institute’s mission as a center for innovation in sustainability and environmental management.