Montclair State University is committed to connecting its students, faculty and staff to the world through the exciting international programs, services and opportunities offered by the Office of International Engagement.  As a vital international resource for the entire campus community, we build bridges between the University and the world.

Students from all majors can participate in semester and yearlong study abroad programs at universities in more than 50 countries on five continents. They can also join fellow students in faculty-led international summer study abroad institutes or in shorter programs during spring break and winter session.

Students can gain an international perspective without even leaving campus by engaging with peers from around the world in virtual classrooms.

Campus residence halls are home to a vibrant Global Living Community program for our many international students.

Montclair State faculty members regularly collaborate with international institutional partners, teach overseas, host and mentor international scholars and plan and participate in international conferences. Our outstanding program for visiting scholars includes a welcoming Global Scholar House.

We invite you to explore our world of opportunities. Attend the many programs we present on campus through out the year. Or visit our office in the Student Center Annex . Our knowledgeable Office of International Engagement Staff is here to help you go global!


Office of International Engagement