Prospective Students


Making the decision to study in a foreign country can be scary, stressful, and intimidating. Having the knowledge of where you will be living abroad is an important aspect of becoming assured and excited about studying abroad.


Only thirty minutes from the nearest international airport by bus or train, arrival is a breeze! Bring only what you need and mail the rest to avoid the hassle of multiple bags.

Housing and Dining:

A variety of housing options are available. Many international students choose to live on campus. Our Global Living Community offers the ability to live with other international students as well as American students interested in other cultures. Alternatively, some students choose to live off campus and are able to rent a room or an apartment and commute to campus for classes. Montclair State University offers a variety of dining options.

University entertainment:

As a student at Montclair State University, you will have access to student-run clubs, multiple art exhibitions, club and intramural sports, a recently finished recreation center, as well as trips and events with your fellow students.

Local Entertainment:

Safe neighborhoods and nearby running trails offer an excellent opportunity to experience all four seasons in New Jersey. Montclair State University offers a shuttle on the weekends to a nearby plaza with a grocery store, movie theater, restaurants, bookstore, and much more. A New Jersey minor league baseball team is located on campus and offers games throughout the week and on the weekend. Montclair State University is located just outside of New York City, only an hour by train or bus. This easy and affordable access allows you to visit the 'Big Apple' anytime!


Applying for Admission

Montclair State University welcomes and values international students on our campus and we encourage you to apply for admission. We are currently accepting applications for all levels of study including undergraduate (Bachelor's degree), graduate (Master's degree or Professional Certificate Programs), and for the Doctoral degree. We also welcome inquiries from students from Partner Institutions who wish to study for one or two semesters and then return to their home country universities.

Please click on your specific level of study listed for complete instructions about applying for admission.

Undergraduate Students (Bachelor's Degree) (F-1)

Graduate Students (Master's Degree, Certificate Programs) (F-1)

Doctorate Students (PhD Degree) (F-1)

Visiting (Non-Degree)

Exchange (Non-Degree)