Financial Information

There are five forms of financial assistance available for eligible international students.

  • Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships
    • To apply for these positions, you need to indicate interest on the online application as well as obtain a United States Social Security number which you can request from a local United States Social Security Office using documentation provided by International Services.
  • Graduate Scholarships
  • On-Campus Employment
    • On-campus jobs are extremely limited and must be approved by International Services. Hiring decisions are based on departmental needs.
  • Global Partner Award
    • Students who have graduated from a Global Partner Institution and are accepted at Montclair State for an MA or MS graduate degree are eligible for a 35% discount on the cost of non-resident tuition. Fees are not discounted.
    • MBA, MFA, and Doctoral Programs are not eligible for the 35% discount.