Non-Degree and Visiting Students

Non-Degree Students

Students wishing to take courses without fully matriculating in a graduate program can apply for a Non-Degree status. Non-Degree students may take up to two courses (six credits) for a single semester only. Please note that not all programs allow non-degree students; for details click here or contact The Graduate School directly at 973-655-5147 or

All non-degree applicants must submit an online application and an official transcript from the school from which they received their highest degree. Admission requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in a bachelor's degree program and submission of proof of degree conferral.

Documentation should be sent to:

The Graduate School, Montclair State University
1 Normal Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07043

Non-Degree students who are not planning to apply to a Montclair State graduate program, but who are seeking to take undergraduate courses for various personal reasons, must contact the Graduate School and request permission to register for more than six credits and/or to enroll in additional semesters.  

Please note that all non-degree students who hold a bachelor’s degree will be assessed graduate tuition, fees and other costs regardless of the level (Undergraduate or Graduate) of the courses they are taking.

Program-specific information for Non-degree and Pre-Decision Status

Visiting Students

Graduate Students in good standing at other institutions may apply to take courses at Montclair State University. To apply, submit the following:

  • Online application
  • An official transcript from the graduate school you are currently attending
  • Please note that upon application, you will be assessed a nonrefundable $60 Visiting Student fee. *Checks should be payable to Montclair State University

Pre-Decision Status

Pre-Decision is an option for applicants who wish to attend in the upcoming semester, but whose degree-application to Montclair State University remains incomplete as the start of the semester approaches. Pre-Decision is a non-degree status which allows applicants to take up to two courses (six credits) while they complete their application requirements. A separate application is not required and therefore, we do not require an additional application fee.


  • A maximum of 6 graduate credits may be taken and, if applicable, credited toward your program after admission.
  • You may register for courses on a space-available basis only; students already admitted to these programs are given priority.
  • Prerequisite requirements must have been met. Refer to the course descriptions at our website:
  • This status lasts for one semester only. You must complete the application process during that time and be offered admission to be able to register for subsequent terms.
  • Financial aid is NOT available for students in this status.
  • Authorization to register as a Pre-Decision does not guarantee admission to the program for which you applied; once your application is completed the standard criteria will be applied in making the admission decision.
  • High-level performance in pre-decision classes does not guarantee admission to your program of interest.
  • This status is not available to international applicants seeking F-1 visas.

Minimum Requirements
To be considered for Pre-Decision status, you must submit the following:

*Official transcripts bear the raised seal of the institution and must be in a sealed envelope with the registrar signature or seal. For some programs a higher GPA is required. Please see Program Restrictions below.

Applicants who did not receive an undergraduate or graduate degree from a U.S. accredited college or university must also:

  • Submit the required course-by-course transcript evaluation, evaluated by a NACES member ( or by Educated Choices (
  • Submit official TOEFL scores if they do not have an undergraduate or graduate degree from a country where English is the native language. (Scores must be less than two years old)
  • Also, as indicated above, applicants holding or seeking F-1 (student) visas are not eligible for this status.

Program-specific information for Non-degree and Pre-Decision Status

Unemployment Tuition Waiver

Pre-Qualification to Apply for the Unemployment Tuition Waiver Program

Students interested in studying at Montclair State University under the Unemployment Tuition Waiver are allowed to do so as a non-degree seeking student only. However, they must meet the same academic standards required of the Non-Degree options and may only take classes under programs that allow Non-Degree students. Interested applicants should fill out the regular web application, selecting Non-Degree status along with the Unemployment Tuition Waiver option.

Deadlines and Eligibility Requirements

Please note the following:

  • Academic approval is granted for a single semester only. You must complete this process for each subsequent semester you wish to be considered for the Unemployment Tuition Waiver Program.
  • Pre-qualification to study under the Unemployment Tuition Waiver permits you to enroll in a course(s) as a non-degree seeking student if you are approved to receive the tuition waiver. It does not imply or guarantee acceptance into a degree-seeking program, which must be applied for separately after you are finished with your studies under the Unemployment Tuition Waiver program.
  • This application grants pre-qualification to study at the University in general. Additional authorization from the Tuition Waiver Program Coordinator will be required to receive the tuition waiver.
  • Failure to provide full and accurate information on this form may result in a significant delay or inability to process your application.
  • A maximum of 12 credits taken under a non-degree status such as the Unemployment Tuition Waiver program may be applied toward the degree should a student choose to matriculate into a degree-seeking program.