Montclair State University’s faculty and staff offer a wealth of expertise and expert commentary for members of the press as they research, develop and produce their stories. This page features a sampling of our nationally and internationally renowned experts.

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Erika Bleiberg
Interim Director, Media Relations
Phone: 973-655-4334
Andrew Mees
Assistant Director, Media Relations
Phone: 973-655-3101
Meaghan Morin
Media Relations/Communications Assistant
Phone: 973-655-4333

Business, Economics & Marketplace


Family & Children

Health, Nutrition & Food



  • Paul Bologna (Jellyfish, Aquatics, Biology)
  • Joshua Galster (Earth and Environmental Studies)
  • Julian Keenan (Deception, Self-Awareness, Neuroimaging)
  • Greg Pope (Physical Geography, Environmental Geology)
  • Robert Prezant (Biology, Marine Studies)
  • Meiyin Wu (Ecological Restoration, Invasive Species, Passaic River)

Social Justice Issues

Social/Traditional Media

  • Merrill Brown (Digital Media, Traditional Media, Journalism Education)
  • Hugh Curnutt (Critical Media, Television, Cultural Studies)
  • Kelly Whiteside (Sports Media, Olympic Coverage, Women's Sports)

Student/College Life

Technology & Learning

The Arts