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Phone:    973-655-4660

Office Location:   Bohn Hall
                                 Room 444


There are two ways that one can access the Mediation Resource Center (MRC) in Bohn Hall:

  1. If you live in Bohn Hall you may easily access the MRC by either walking one flight down the flight of stairs right across from the Bohn Hall front Desk. Once down that flight of stairs the MRC is the first office on your right.
  2. If you do not live in Bohn Hall you can enter the building through the outside stairwell on the left side of the building, which is the entrance to the Residence Life Office. When you enter the door at the bottom of those stairs, you can then enter a second door in the hallway to your left Labeled “Residence Life Office”. Let someone in that front office know that you are there for the MRC and they will walk you back to us.