Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL)

Welcome to the Web pages of the Division of Student Development and Campus Life at Montclair State University. Montclair State is the second largest university in New Jersey and is growing and changing in dynamic ways. We are an institution that strives to provide our students with all the benefits of a large institution, yet we still maintain the feel of a small college. Large lecture classes are few, while standard size classes are the norm. We encourage interaction between faculty and students, and further encourage students to utilize the wide range of our services outside of the classroom.  Read our vision and mission statements and our divisional goals. View our Faculty Guide specifically compiled to familiarize faculty with the services we provide to students.

If a student has a need, a question, a concern or is looking for assistance in exploring their academic or vocational path, we have staff members who are here to help. We can also be of assistance to students who have questions about federal regulations: FERPA (student records information) or Drug-Free Schools and Campuses. (See also a version of FERPA for Faculty and Staff.) Additionally, students are supported in their participation in co-curricular activities. Research shows that students who are actively involved in the educational process and participate in student activities on campus are more likely to succeed in their college careers than those students who stand on the sidelines.

The Division of Student Development and Campus Life is responsible for most student services and programs outside of the classroom and we serve in support of the mission of the University.  Our services and programs have been established to benefit students and increase students' chances for success as well as enjoyment of their Montclair State University experience.