Mission Statement

The University Health Center (UHC) supports the overall mission of Montclair State University through the provision of comprehensive ambulatory healthcare, preventive health screening, and education to University students; facilitation of response efforts for public health incidents; advisement to the University on medical emergency preparedness; and coordination the Montclair State University Sexual Assault Response Team. 

The primary goal of UHC is to keep students healthy in all aspects of their lives in order to succeed in the academic environment.  This is achieved by the provision of comprehensive medical care, patient education, and collaborative health management strategies with other University departments and off campus healthcare providers.

A secondary goal is to maintain a safe and healthy living, learning and working environment.  The University Health Center interfaces directly with federal, state, and local agencies to monitor public health incidents, provide accurate information to the University community, and coordinate medical intervention efforts to protect all members of our campus community. Medical emergency preparedness advisement is also provided for the development of campus wide procedures in the event of large scale emergency situations that may impact on the infrastructure of the University.

In addition, UHC addresses incidents of sexual violence through educational outreach and effective response to campus victims. This is accomplished by coordination and administrative oversight of the Montclair State University Sexual Assault Response Team with University Police, on-site forensic/medical evaluation and advocacy services, specially trained law enforcement response, and extensive educational programming in collaboration with other University departments.